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Single Screw Extruder Granulation Line


Single Screw Extruder Granulation line consists of belt conveyor, volumetric/force feeder, single screw extruder, hydraulic screen exchanger, cooling water tank, granule cutter, air conveying silo and electrical control cabinet etc.


1.High automation,less labor, waster plastic becomes granules directly after granulator

2.High quality granules with gas, cylinder shape and smoothy and beautiful, granule size is adjustment.

3. Volumetric feeder,screw and granule cutter are controlled by inverter.

4.The barrel and screw are made of 38CrMoAl, with surface Nitriding hardening treatment, the the life-span is longer.

5. The gear box is hardend surface oil cooling one,whose weight is only half of that of soft surface gear box, so it can suffer more wear-tear, the lift span is 3-4 times longer and the loading capability is increased by 8--10 times higher.

6. The spaghetti will be cut directly by cutter and then the granules will be transported to the silo directly by air conveyor, so no broken spaghetti will happen.

7.Water vent, air vent and vacuum pump are equipped on the barrel to discharge the water and air, so the granule quality is guaranteed.

Single stage, double stage and even triple stage granulation lines are all available as per customer request.

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